DishNetwork TV


DTV delivers high quality digital television into homes nationwide with the lowest all digital price in America. With the most cutting-edge technology in satellite equipment today, we’re giving you even more options to customize your viewing experience and save you money!

DishNetwork TV is the fastest growing home entertainment provider in the Satellite TV Market. And now, you can get a great deal on their service! Get a great deal on new service with free equipment and free installation! With a reputation for offering quality satellite entertainment and equipment, Dishnetwork provides the best in Digital Entertainment.


Join the best converting Dish Network Affiliate Program on the internet. Not only will you get creative links to get you going, but you will get a tracking system to track clicks, orders, and commissions as well as a staff of sales people waiting to take your customers orders over the phone!

Here’s how it works: when you sign up with the Allsat affiliate program, you’ll get a unique number, known as a promo code oraffiliateID. When a customer places an order with us under your promo code – whether coming from a web page or a print ad, whether placing an order online or on the phone with our call center – we let you know, and when that customer activates her new DISH Network system, we will pay you $125!

  • dish-network-bg_07Take orders when a potential customer enters the system through your dishnetwork affiliate code.
  • Answer all customer questions and provide the customer service.
  • Handle the ordering, shipment, and installation of each system.
  • Bill the new DISH Network customer.
  • All you do is send customers to ALLSAT and get paid for each resulting activation.
  • Best of all – It is FREE to join! You can begin to generate income immediately.
  • And if you have friends who want to earn money too, get them to join – we’ll pay you $10 on every commission they earn.

dish-network-channel-list2-300x200With DishNetwork’s affiliate program you can take advantage of the HIGHEST commission schedule of any satellite TV retailer. You are guaranteed the HIGHEST payout … Period! There are no other online DISH Network retailers willing to pay you as much per sale and able to produce the same high level conversion ratios and we are prepared to prove it with a risk-free guarantee. If you find an online DISH Network affiliate program that is willing and able to pay you more we will match it or even beat it.

Bring us your stats, let’s lay them side by side and make it a win-win for us both. We will take the commission rate per sale, match it with the overall conversion rate (Gross orders to click ratio) and come up with the absolute best scenario for you; bar none. Commissions are paid on the 15th of each month, for the previous month’s confirmed installations. Unlike other affiliate programs that require you to meet a minimum before being paid, DISH Network no monthly minimum. You get paid in full, every month.